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High Quality Handmade Garden Carts For The Home Gardener!

Homestead Carts Construction

The Homestead easily moves over 300 lbs. of hazelnuts!

Add Versatility with these Options

Protect the Homestead floor from scratches and nicks with a steel bed liner. Haul a fuller load with a removable rear end gate. Choose the Homestead that fits your needs.

ASSEMBLY AND MATERIAL: You will receive your cart in two boxes. The trim and bottom plate are shipped in place on the cart. After unpacking, you must mount axle, wheels, sides, leg support and leg, corner braces and handle. Our experienced assembler can assemble a cart in 20 minutes, so it may take an hour or more for the first time assembly. Plywood is treaded & stained. All carts use standard 3/4" diameter axle. Both size cart wheels have heavy duty 32 spokes and replaceable pressed bearings. Axle drilled for cotter pin. Bed liner is 24 gauge, upper trim is 22 gauge, rails & frame is 20 gauge sheet metal.