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Garden Carts of High Quality for the Home Gardener!

Garden Carts: What are Homestead Garden Carts?

Homestead garden carts are designed for years of gardening pleasure. You can haul big loads with ease in a Homestead Garden Cart!   The large capacity box on the cart is made from exterior grade plywood treated with mildew resistant, oil-based stain to stop weathering. A standard front lift gate makes unloading fast and effort free. Galvanized steel U-channel framing protects box edges and adds stability and strength. Steel leg supports are set back, away from feet and legs. The extended tubular steel handle is positioned for maximum leverage. Heavy loads lift, push, and pull easily. The insulating super-grip, reinforced handle cover is comfortable in hot or cold weather.


The standard lift gate makes unloading mulch or corn-post fast and easy.

Ranchers take our garden carts to stock shows and fairs. Contractors use them on work sites. Retailers move inventory. Hunters haul camping supplies and game. Fishermen use the Homestead to haul light boats over rough trails. Boaters move supplies over docks. Woodcutters use Homestead carts as a firewood hauler and carrier. Balance and big wheels let the homestead cart roll over sticks and rocks with ease. The large Homestead Garden cart has a 400 lb. load capacity which means you can move a cord of wood in just 8 trips!

Homestead Garden Carts is located in the Great Pacific Northwest and is the only West Coast Manufacturer of these High Quality Specialized Super Garden Carts. Homestead Carts has built carts for over 35 years and continues to set the standard for quality, workmanship and customer service. Homestead Carts has its roots all the way back to 1979 when Stephen Fish pioneered the Homestead Cart design and construction. Since that time our carts have been copied, but none can match the excellence of the cart that bears the Homestead Carts name.

You will receive your cart in two boxes. The trim and bottom plate are shipped in place on the cart. After unpacking, you must mount axle, wheels, sides, leg support and leg, corner braces and handle. Our experienced assembler can assemble a cart in 20 minutes, so it may take an hour or more for the first time assembly. Plywood is treaded & stained. All carts use a standard 3/4" diameter axle. Both size cart wheels have heavy duty 32 spokes and replaceable pressed bearings. (Other style wheels available at additional cost.) Axle drilled for cotter pin. Bed liner is 24 gauge, upper trim is 22 gauge. Rails & frame are 20 gauge sheet metal.

Homestead Cart 1-Year Guarantee

Homestead Carts are warranted against damage or breakage caused by any defects in materials or workmanship for 1 year. Any defective part will be replaced at no expense to the customer. This warranty is given to the original purchaser only and does not apply to damage caused by misuse, carelessness, or severe acts of nature. Designed to withstand the extreme conditions in all climates, with  stronger construction than other frames. Illustrated Assembly Instructions: Instruction manuals are detailed and well illustrated, with most major components numbered. Bolted metal trim, not pop on trim. High quality reinforced rims with heavy duty tires and tubes.